Less Lethal or Combination Weapons

Police officers throughout the world strive to perform their duties and take violators into custody in the most humane manner possible. This has led to the development of equipment such as capture nets, chemical weapons such as “tear gas” or capsicum pepper spray, and the electro-muscular disruption devices such as those marketed by Taser International.

Tear Gas Baton

Baton Tear Gas

Not a gas, "tear gas" is a fine powdered chemical irritant discharged through a delivery system that has included a single shot "baton" which in theory doubled as a night stick or club. These were used from the 1920's through WWII. Some unfortunate drawbacks of this delivery system included impact by the environment. Rain and wind affected the delivery, making it potentially more dangerous for the officer than the suspect by limiting the range or blowing the irritant back on the officer.

Featured in the museum are 1925 Federal Tear Gas Baton and the Hercules model pictured.

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