Welcome to THE IPM SCANNER – The official newsletter of the International Police Museum at Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

The Scanner is one way you can stay updated with our progress as a young museum, and offers a glimpse into the history of policing via interesting articles and photographs.

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The Scanner V4 Issue 3, July 2019

The Scanner V4 Issue 2, April 2019

The Scanner V4 Issue 1, January 2019

The Scanner V3 Issue 3, September 2018

The Scanner V3 Issue 2, May 2018

The Scanner V3 Issue 1, January 2018

The Scanner V2 Issue 2, October 2017

The Scanner V2 Issue 1, March 2017

The Scanner V1 Issue 2, August 2016

The Scanner V1 Issue 1, April 2016