With the extensive collection of retired Chief of Police Ed Wortman as a foundation, the museum will bring you up close to see:

  • Rotating displays of uniforms for male and female police officers from around the world.
  • Badges, Hats, Helmets, and restraints
  • Swords, pistols, shotguns, and impact weapons.Presentation pistol - cropped

You will also learn about:

  • Police communications
  • Collection of evidence and fingerprints
  • The difference between a weapon used as a tool or one used as a threat

Handcuff displayYou can:

  • Try on a bullet-proof vest
  • Wear a constable’s hat or an officer’s tunic
  • Have you picture taken with our life-size display horse and uniforms

Museum Horse

And don’t forget to get a photo behind the original bars from Rocky Butte Jail – DSC_0466