IPM DOCUMENTS – IPM Scanner / Reports / Minutes

Interested in the inside scoop?  Read our newsletter – The IPM Scanner, our meeting minutes, and the Reports to the Board prepared by our Executive Director.

Our newsletter – the IPM Scanner

The Scanner V1 Issue 1 Apr 2016

The Scanner V1 Issue 2 August 2016

Our meeting Minutes

11-10-2015 Minutes Approved

01-19-2016 Minutes Approved

03-18-2016 Minutes Approved

05-02-2016 Minutes Approved

06-21-2016 Minutes Approved

Our Exec. Director’s Report to the Board

09-17-2015 Report to Board

01-11-2016 Report to Board

03-14-2016 Report to Board

05-01-2016 Report to Board

06-16-2016 Report to Board

10-10-2016 Report to Board